About RSK

Jacob is a Siesta Key local that lives on the water and fishes every day! He became a professional sponsored fisherman after sharing social media posts of catches and wildlife from his backyard in Siesta Key, Florida. With his growing audience and platform, he has created the brand and company Reel Siesta Key, to raise funds that help researchers fight against the red tide. Motivated after seeing the devastation of wildlife and the effects on the community, he’s made shirts to raise proceeds for Mote Marine Laboratory. Jacob’s family has lived on Siesta Key for multiple generations and he’s determined to preserve it for future generations to enjoy!



The Red Tide

Red tide is a harmful algal bloom that occurs when there is a higher-than-normal concentration of a microscopic alga named ‘Karenia brevis’ and affects Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Toxic chemicals produced from red tides can be harmful to both marine life and humans.

During the 2018 Red Tide, Sarasota County removed nearly 146 tons of dead fish and debris off public beaches and boat ramps!

The researchers at Mote investigate Florida’s red tide to understand how it forms, how it dissipates, and the effects on humans and animals which helps to manage and mitigate the effects of red tide.